I’m Back! – Need a new Blog Name

Hi guys, i’ve been away for about a year but studies got in the way. Good news is, I’m now through my first year of university so I figured now was the right time to hop back in.

Just a few things on the future of the blog – I’m looking for a new name and any suggestions are always welcome. The blog was originally created to mainly be about sports with some pop culture stuff thrown in, but I think now that i’ve got slightly more time on my hands, I will probably provide as much content on television and film as I do sports. So in the next few days you should see reviews up for Masters of Sex season two, the first season of Transparent, hopefully some thoughts on The Good Wife and then a review of Gone Girl as well, and then I’ll try get an NBA season preview post done as well as some thoughts on the NFL season so far.

Glad to be back and any blog name suggestions are appreciated :)


Back In A Bit

Off on Holiday for a few weeks, so won’t be updating the blog for a while. Hopefully I’ll be back posting by early August!

No Game of Thrones review this week

Sorry guys, seems my TV has failed to record this weeks episode, so I haven’t been able to post my review. I’ll probably post some quick thoughts of the episode later on in the week, after I’ve watched it.

What is the Sportswrangler?

First Off – No this blog has nothing to do with my infatuation of Brett Favre’s jeans. To wrangle, is to debate and that is exactly what I intend to do on this site, instigate debates. This isn’t your typical blog, I’m not simply going to recycle views from other sites, I’m opinionated, out-spoken and hopefully quite refreshing, and  you may not agree with everything I have to say,  but then where where would be the fun if you did? This isn’t a blog that’s simply going to provide incoherent ramblings, my opinions no matter how wrong you perceive them to be, will always be justified and no matter what judgements you form from my articles, one thing I would hope to have achieved over time  is to have earned your respect.

I’m an aspiring journalist whose passions lie within writing, sports, television and video games, so here we are, with me combining all of those passions into one succinct blog.

So after that small introduction, it’s time to look at my vision for this blog over the next few months.

Sports – As this blog progresses, you will learn that my articles aren’t restricted to simply one sport, you’ll be hearing a whole lot from me regarding anything to do with Football, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Hockey, Tennis, Formula 1, Golf  etc etc. So looking ahead, The NBA regular season is reaching its climax, so I’ll be giving my views on all of the major storylines on the craziness that is the NBA playoffs, expect insight on hot topics such as Lebron, the Knicks and Dwight Howard. And whilst the NBA season is heating up, the soccer season is drawing to a close, so expect to be reading a lot of recaps and previews for the upcoming season. The football season is also about to begin. So I’ll be providng my opinions on the key storylines from the off-season and previewing which teams I expect to be the major contenders in the 2012-2013 season. That’s just a brief outline, so expect to be hearing a lot more from me regarding major sporting topics very soon :)

Television – Unfortunately, whilst there is always some form of sport going on, the summer signifies the end of practically all television. So whilst I will be providing regular reviews on Game of thrones, for the most part expect a lot of “Season In Reviews” on shows such as Justified, Homeland, Fringe, Breaking Bad and  Boardwalk Empire but that’s not all. I’ll also be covering already ended shows, so expect to see my opinions on the Lost series finale surfacing very shortly.

Video Games – Summer is a big period for gaming. Whilst most games surface in the fall, it is a chance for most developers to showcase new software (and sometimes hardware) at gaming conventions such as E3 so I’ll be supplying my thoughts on all of the new games that are announced over the coming months.

So that’s just a brief outline of what to expect over the next few months, obviously when we get into the fall, you’ll be seeing regular television and gaming reviews but for now you’ll just have to make do with recaps, previews and the NBA :)

You can also follow me on twitter @sportswrangler or email me at sportswrangler@hotmail.com if you require any information regarding the blog or simply if you want to extract some opinions from me.


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